We meet once a month on the third Thursday in Christchurch Parish Hall.

The Mothers’ Union was founded in 1876 by Mary Sumner and now there are 3.6 million members in 78 countries.  Some of the work of the Mothers’ Union entails working in shanty towns in Peru, literary and numeracy skills in Africa, emergency relief in South Asia after the tsunami and lobbying for gender equality at the U.N. and many more areas of activity.

In this country, as well as supporting families in difficulties, Mothers’ Union members work in prisons supporting families and take care of a caravan in Porthcawl for needy families to enjoy a holiday.

Knitting projects for local hospitals, especially the premature baby unit and

Abergavenny Contact Centre.


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If you are interested in joining, please contact:

Branch Leader, Lita Walters

Telephone: 01873 830909

Email address: