A Message of Hope to Our Residents

A message of hope to Abergavenny and specifically to the residents of Llanellen, Llanfoist and Govilon:

In times of international, national and local crisis people have always turned to prayer. During the years of the Black Death people took comfort from their churches and congregations waxed and waned with the upsurge and down surge of the bubonic menace.

Throughout the centuries through invasions from France, Germany and especially during the 2nd World War churches were full of people praying for safety and sanctuary.

Who can forget the effects of the National Day of Prayer when, mysteriously, Hitler cancelled his planned raid of Britain on the day immediately following that National call to prayer led by King George VI. In the United States on the day of and the days following the tragic events of 9/11 in New York, churches that were nominally filled were bursting to capacity and, to a degree, still are largely attended.

The human race appears to have a default position in times of terror, trouble, strife or conflict and that is to call out to a higher being, whatever He may be called.

As Christians we call upon the God known as I AM and no other explanation is required.

As a group of Churches in the three villages of Llanellen, Llanfoist and Govilon we have operated a prayer card system for a number of years but this is the time for a reminder.

In the porch of each of the churches you will find a black post box and a supply of blank cards close by. Usually there are pens too but these disappear with regularity so come prepared!

Simply write your prayer request on the card. You don’t have to put your name on if you don’t want to. God knows for whom you are praying. Pop the card in the box and it will be emptied regularly by one of the Wardens or by me. Those cards will then be prayed over in a special time of prayer by me, as Parish Priest.

If you would like a widening of the prayer by a larger group then it can be posted on our Website ( to reach a larger group of Christian prayers. If you wish this please put a tick on the card. If not put a cross.

All prayers are treated with absolute confidence.

This offer is not just for churchgoers but for all who are frightened or troubled by our present circumstances or need prayer for a loved one or for direction. You may not even believe that there is a God but if prayers help…why not!

At the present moment I am unable to reach out personally as I am in self-isolation but, be assured, this “prayer system by remote control” works and has been working for a number of years.

I know that many of the churches in town are offering something similar and this offer is meant to complement their work not act in competition.

God bless you all at this testing time.

Fr Chris


01873 831048

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